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ngc2244 - the Rosette nebula

(click on the image for 4K resolution)


Object:             ngc2244. Emission nebula & open cluster in Monoceros.
Telescope:       Sky-Watcher Esprit 80 triplet Apo & flattener (f/5 - 400mm).
Camera:           DSLR Canon 6D. Original IR filter replaced (Astrodon Inside).
Exposures:       86 x 15'  (21:30 h)
Mount:              Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5          
Guiding:            Moravian G1-2000 ccd, 50mm finder.
Date:                 January - February 2020  
Site:                  Observatorio de La Sagra  Granada (Spain) 
Bias, Darks & Flat calibration
LinearFit  pixel rejection combining
Photometric Color Calibration
Masked stretch

Curves and Histogram adjustments